About me

My name is Reinald Udras. I was born on May 5, in Tallinn, in Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital as the only child in my family.

My hobby is web design and software development. I’m slim and not very tall. I look quite youthful, and I am delighted with my life. Complaining is not my nature; I just know that it doesn’t lead to far – you have to deal with things by yourself. So, consequently, I can conclude that I am independent. I’m pretty picky and slightly childish. I often lose control and get offended even with the smallest things. I never listen what others are saying, instead of that, I act according to my needs. I’m easily affected by others, and I’m causing a lot of problems from small things. I can not stand up to wickedness, evil or anything else.

I have a lot of positive energy, which I often give to others. I like to be happy and make others happy. My hobbies are mostly to make models, and so on. I also do my home page, and during the free time, I am doing sports as a hobby, like riding a bike. I enjoy life despite a lot of problems. I set high goals for myself, which are difficult to accomplish sometimes. Often my plans are getting to fail, because I do not act according to certain schemes, but improving them instead. I’m often getting late for meetings because I’m scandalous. I might rather start later than finish earlier. In my case, the rule is that, initially, there is no way to transport but can not do anything. I am absent-minded in the planning of times. Rather I late than I arrive at the desired place on time, not to mention getting there prematurely. I enjoy the company, and I like to celebrate if there’s any chance at all. I take everything I can give away from life, I’m light-hearted, that is to say, I fall slightly into the trap of all kinds of baits, and I am weak but I can always cope with myself, and I will most often come out with my problems. I am optimistic, I have set myself the principle that I can cope with myself, I believe in myself in every situation. I have had a sad childhood, so it has strongly influenced my current behavior, but I have not changed my optimistic character. I do not get very well with my parents because I can not adapt to the principles of life with them – they are, I think, too routine and boring. I want something exciting and varied, but I’ve often been able to burn it out. Like most people, I also learn from my mistakes. With other people I get quite well, I communicate freely with strangers. I do not keep myself back, but am open-minded and able to talk about anything and a lot of entirely irresponsible people. I am friendly. In autumn and winter, I go to school and exercising, as well as I work. I like to work for a long time, so there is no job for me which can be difficult to get along. I’m getting it used to work in different condition. Despite the fact that I have become active to be absent-minded and late for meetings, I am correct and loyal inside the working relationship-that is, that I get to work in every health condition, any in my mood. My delays are usually between 5 and 10 minutes for work or meetings. Unfortunately, education and learning have been one of my weak points for life and topics that I do not like to talk about. I continually learn from my experiences and find myself a “science.” I have a high self-esteem, although I do not often express it very clearly, if only in certain cases. I like to look good, be loved and share the love with others. I regularly go to hairdressing salons and sometimes in the solarium. In my hobby, I like to deal with sports, specifically with swimming and do hobbies. I also go to the exercise regularly, like to work or the wheel. If I have time, I will go on a free day with friends or classmates at the gym where my grandmother works. I like to travel a lot and spend money. I do not drink alcohol, nor do I smoke. So I can be called a savage. I do not have time to deal with such things in my quick and healthy life. That’s me and my crazy life. Thank you for visiting!

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