Hello, dear visitor!

It’s great that you took the time to visit my web site, which was made possible by my enthusiasm and the passionate desire to create a lovely personal homepage.

A web page is a virtual environment for my friends who have a place in my friends’ community. An integral part of my life is the passionate web design and dedication and desire to be present for my friends – both in good and hard times. I created my first personal virtual environment in the summer of 2007 in the blogger.com environment, and I’ve advanced well to create even more opportunities for my friends and visitors and to make the site unique to the individual ones.

Quite a lot has asked why, why and for whom?

So here are some answers to this question.

1. First of all, I love web hosting, and it’s just my hobby, which I develop for myself on a daily basis, to publish it also to the public.

2. Secondly, I work with dedication and love, and I have a high will and desire to do something for my friends. That’s why I’ve also created a community for folks on this site.

3. According to my principles, a website should not always be the source of information for celebrities and so on. A website can also be a business card, for example, for customers who wish to apply my experience on their web pages as well. That’s why my hobby seems to be advertising for the service as much as for those who want to visit my site for informational purposes only.

The website administrator is Reinald Udras, who also owns this site. I manage this site, and I am responsible for all my visitors and members. For all questions and concerns regarding my particular website, you should contact me directly, as I deal with the site-related issues and, if necessary, I also communicate with technicians. From my site, you will find my guestbook, picture gallery, news, video gallery and more. The website focuses more on my own and my friends’ activities, news, facts, and information. However, if you are interested in reading about the events, opinions, impressions, and memories of my friends and me, I also recommend visiting my blog page, located at blog.reinaldudras.ee

Contact information

To contact me, add me on Skype: rennupoiss; send me a letter or send me a message to reinaldudras[at]reinaldudras.ee. The friend’s community email address is familyclub[at]reinaldudras.ee, where you can send a message if you have questions about my Friends of Family club. Messages sent to legal entities are welcome to e-mail dokumendid[at]reinaldudras.eu and cooperation questions to the email koostoo[at]reinaldudras.ee.

Advertising on my site

For more information on promotional opportunities, contact me at reinaldudras[at]reinaldudras.ee.

Privacy Statement, Copyright, and Terms of Use

The web site belongs to Reinald Udras, and without my permission to copying, repricing or unacceptably distributing content in other ways is strictly prohibited. Read more about privacy, copyright, and terms of use on my Terms of Use page.

I wish you a pleasant visit with your friends!

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