On this page, you will find interesting facts about me that you might have wanted to know.

My activities are

I like very outsourced activities such as running, cycling, and, of course, bike tours. I also like singing and sometimes cooking. I have quite a lot of activities and interests that I would like to focus. Continue reading…

My skills are

web development topics. Yes, this is my hobby and passion, which I am doing with pleasure, without thinking about how complicated is sometimes some of the tasks that I have undertaken. However, I am always determined and persistent in my work. I also can prepare sushi. I once worked at a sushi restaurant and got the necessary knowledge from there. Continue reading…

The first thing people usually noticing about me

my smile and eyes. Sometimes I leave people arrogant and evil impression, usually when I’m alone. But I can always be cheerful to those with whom I interact. I do not see the seriousness elsewhere when walking in the city alone. I can react very severely to an active state of affairs very quickly. Continue reading…

Favorite books, movies, TV shows, music and food

I’m a serious Harry Potter fan, and I like horror films. I also like some comedies if they are not too vulgar. I’m not a big comedy fan, but if I can’t find a good horror movie at the moment, then good comedy is also good. What I’m not into at all, are fantastic and fantasy films (except Harry Potter). But my favorite comics are, for example, ‘Mr. Bean ‘and’ Bad Teacher,’ and a dozen of horror films that I can not even read. By the way, when talking about horror movie choices, I can only watch one type of films, which involves ghosts and spirits. For example, I can’t look yucky bloody horror movies. About music, my favorite music is dance music. I’m listening to pop music, but certainly not hip-hop or rap. For example, my favorite artists are DARIN and ONE DIRECTION (yes, I’m a teenager: D). My favorite food is something from Mexican cuisine. I adore spicy foods, and I am a sushi fan. I like very much Asian cuisine. Continue reading…

Six things I could never do without

I would never go out if my bags were missing the following items:

  1. Mobile phone
  2. Comb
  3. Perfume
  4. Charger
  5. Notebook
  6. Wallet

I would be happy to take as seventh thing with me one great companion (with him I could go even to the missing island;)) Continue reading…

I would spend a lot of time thinking

Love, feelings, romance, also about web design. Often, I’m thinking about how to do my next projects better and be productive at the same time. However, I’m a person with feelings and romance. I am thinking of beautiful sun, love and good music. Continue reading…

A typical Friday night is for me

noisy. I like to go dancing outside and be social, get to know new and exciting people and see my friends and old acquaintances. Sometimes I go to some restaurant with some of my closest colleagues or friends and then go straight to the dance floor. I LOVE DANCE! I’m always open for good thoughts and plans on Fridays. Continue reading…

The most private thing Iā€™m willing to admit

I have some secrets which are my secrets, which I don’t speak to everyone. But these are the ones that should not cause harm to anyone, and only those closest people to me know about them. šŸ˜‰ Continue reading…

You should write me, IF

You have common interests and hobbies; you are confident and original. I don’t like people who make themselves which they are not and who they do not belong to. Nevertheless, I am tolerant of them, but as a friend, I can not take them, because to be soulmate can be created only with shared values. However, I’m always open to new people and work to make it even more open to new people in the future. Already, in my life, I am engaged in activities that call for courage, so the communication with a stranger should not be a difficult task for me. šŸ™‚ Drop me a message!

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