My one trumps have been and still has a youthful look. As most people say, I am well preserved. However, age proposals always wrong guessed. Best mistaken about proposals are for 1-2 years, in most cases, I’m even offered up to 10 years younger.

My outfit is in general with an era of a trend. I am trying to be youthful, joyful and stylish. Being joyful happens in most moments, even if I’m not trying to. Communicating with people gives me pleasure, but people can see me more in a serious mood, for example, when inadequate people come in contact with me (for example, individuals who are drunk and affected by drugs). However, I leave a jolly impression to people. I get asked where from I’m taking this energy to smile. I have received compliments that I have beautiful eyes and nice teeth. I have been lucky about the teeth, I’ve gotten beautiful and healthy teeth with just genes. Also, I have never had problems with seeing, so I don’t have to wear eyewear. A whole body in the whole spirit is probably a genetically inherited blessing from father-side family.

My dress style is in line with the seasons. In winter I’m not wearing a very thick jacket in generally, but in the summer I wear a light jacket (if we speak about the summer season in Estonia) or a shirt. In my case, in most cases, I have tight jeans. When I was much younger, I wasn’t often very stylish. Therefore, I also felt bullying because my parents’ financial situation did not allow us to look ‘like others’. Today, I’m responsible for myself, and I can choose the kind of clothing I like or which can fit best.
In my wardrobe, you can find a lot of different shirts because I’m the shirts wearing guy. In the meantime, my favorite has been festive shirts, but I don’t prefer very festive shirts, rather a kind of casual style, lightweight shirt. In the majority of cases, in t-shirts are squares. The style of clothing as a whole is brighter and more colorful in my case. I do’ love the very same repetitive colors and darker clothes. As a result, I also wear spring-summer tones in winter. I don’t like to dress very thickly.

As far as the appearance is concerned, my eye is a greenish-blue pigment. My hair is darker brown with a light brighter shade above, which resembles a shawl. I like the hair cut style, with the collars shorter and the light shooter is in front. A lightweight shooter and the upright bristle has dominated my hair for many years, so it has become a kind of ‘tradition’ and habit.
I am average and medium weight.

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