Dreamings and thoughts

When walking outside or, at some moments, at home alone, I forget the world around me for a while, because I live in my world and this remains of me as an enigmatic and mysterious person.

Although I feel talkative and open-minded, I can, of course, once again forget about the fast pace of life elsewhere. I am the person who walks and does not look back, aside, and straight away. Other times, I don’t even notice if I accidentally hit some pillar and then ‘wake up’ from thoughts.

I’m thinking a lot about people and my achievements. Sometimes I’ll let my mind go so deep that I cause stress to myself, especially when I find out that someone’s life is going better than mine in moments of life. I often mean how to plan my life in the future better, what mistakes could avoid and how to get better. Some thoughts like indifference are sometimes on the agenda. I’m a sensitive person. At the second moment, I find positive thoughts from bad experiences that make me happy.

I also like to think a lot about my hobbies and achievements. I get a feed from innovative ideas. For example, in random places, I can feel inspired. Therefore, I apply my thoughts from inspiration later in my projects. Some calm and quiet walk in the park’s area, sitting peacefully on the bench and drinking some hot beverages, I’m thinking of how to finish ongoing work and finding people who would give me a lot of positive energy. Or think about individuals to remove from my life who is influencing me badly.

All of these thoughts give rise to ideas and decisions.

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