Free time

I have very little spare time in general. The fast pace of life is good, as there is plenty of activity and less time to spare. Of course, I try to do everything in my life so that it would not be routine in the end. In free time, certain activities have been developed to furnish them. For example, my typical Friday night is either dancing at home or outdoors.

The photo made on Friday night at the official Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. In the picture are fans from Switzerland, with whom I made a common picture.


Friday night, however, does not necessarily mean free time for me, this can be the time when I do, for example, a paid job, where the evening might fulfill with work. My current position is a lot of night work. When I went previously to the party on Fridays and Saturdays, then now it’s an exception rather than a regular plan. My typical leisure time is either very social or just for being alone for myself at home. Sometimes I’ve taken a calm evening. Earlier years have shown that quiet nights have often replaced by noisy, dance and manual weekends. I love to go to specific places and communicate with certain people. I do not particularly like parties with a lot of alcohol consumption because such events do not have a good atmosphere. However, just such places have become a habit. The main thing is that people are friendly, talkative and there is good music. Drunk people can also be sometimes pleasant to me.

If there is sometimes I need to work on weekends, and there is no school time, then during the week when I enjoy free time, I’m focussed mainly on active activities such as walking, running, going to a sports club and, in addition, enjoying less active-style activities, such as hobbies, which are specifically discussed in other headings.

In autumn, a free time significantly reduced, as there will be additional activities such as participation in organizations, training, etc.

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