Hobbies and interests

What would I like to do most and what least?

I have quite a lot of activities and interests that I would like to focus on (for example, spending money is one of them).

Below, you’ll find out what I like to do, what are my hobbies and interests, and which I don’t like most.

  • I like to do the following: Ride the bike, run, go swimming, hike. I am interested in philosophy and law. Of course, my passion for the hobby is web development and design. This is also one of the main features, if not the only hobby/activity that you can do in the room behind your desk.
  • If you are interested in what I would rather NOT do, then the answer would be: watching the TV (especially, of course, commercial channels where there is a lot of advertising), but I like to watch movies. One of the least enjoyable activities for me is, of course, playing board games.
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