Items and articles that accompany me

Besides the fact that air, water, clothes, and food are essential for life, they should always be there, but there are still things and items that I would take with me when going out and going on a trip. For example, going to a single island would often be a question of what to make when doing this extreme, so what are the things I would not feel that I’m well equipped when I go out?

Go to an island is not planned activity. However, when I think about such extreme, what would I take with me?

Thinking about without I would not go out on a daily basis, is, of course, a cell phone, wallet, and perfumes. However, on an isolated island or in a situation where the situation does not allow to charge a phone, or you cannot buy anything for money, you might wonder how to handle everything for life so that you would feel like everything you need, you have. It is such a romantic fantasy in which dreaming in love person. Isn’t being in love with is also somewhat extreme?

Here are some facts. If I get into a situation where I would not have the means of communication, and there would not be much to do with money, then naturally I would bring someone dear with me to feel happy. Not particularly impressed with life in today’s rapidly changing world without the tools that have become accustomed, such as a mobile phone, without which I would not be able to go on a bus ride for even 15 minutes. Even if no one is writing right now, I’d still like to listen to music. Life without music would be quite complicated.

Considering that I am somewhat (or maybe a lot) self-admirer, in my bag, there wouldn’t be moments where there is no comb or some good perfume in case if there are even more going on. No, of course, without a wallet (where would be the money and some documents) can be not possible to survive.

Often, I’m the one who wears a bigger bag that is full of different things. Hands in my pocket are not just a part of my lifestyle. As a result, many of the friends and acquaintances who carry only a wallet are different than me by just doing this. I prefer that in my bag there would be always a charger and other ‘essential’ devices such as a remote battery, a tablet (in case you have to be in a place where you can watch movies or surf in online), and a comb and hair wax (if you need to go somewhere fast to adjust the haircut). Such strange habits have developed in my very early childhood. Without them, I would feel that there would be nothing in my life.

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