Would you like to have a nice movie night, or would you listen to right music? You are interested in what are my favorite movies, music, TV shows or food I eat if you still hesitate what tomorrow night may be. Here you will find an excellent and comprehensive overview of my favorite articles.

Did you know that I can listen to some evening classics meantime when I was listening to techno the other day? Or, for example, I did not like cheese at all when I was a child, but now I can even eat blue-cheese, which is rather unusual as a regular eating habit among all Estonians? Speaking of articles in general, I listen to music in the mood and eat almost everything that can classify as food. Read more about these items in this list.

  • Food: I like very spicy foods. No, I just adore them. Mexican cuisine is unbelievably my favorite. But Asian cuisine, where rice and fish founded by, is something that leads to tongue down. Undoubtedly, I eat well with any seafood and soup – they are my most favorite. However, the soup could exclude the milk soup. I eat it, but this is not my favorite food. The only food that my body is not physically adopting is kefir. I tried to drink it a little when I had problems with the stomach, but I have not accepted it for years. For example, I never liked cheese, but now I am a real cheese gourmet. Soups and salads are my favorite. When I have lunch, you never miss seeing me having soup if it’s available on the menu. I like a puree and watery soup. I wouldn’t say that I am a great fan of the seafood, chicken, and lamb, but I’m eating it according to the situation. If there is a selection in the menu, either chicken or pork, then I prefer chicken, because in the diet, eating chicken meat is already coded in my mind.

  • Music: I like to listen to any musical style. 70% of the listening is pop-dance music, and the rest of the listening is done according to mood and emotions. Sometimes I listen to love music, national music, classics, but sometimes also techno, house, and so on. Very rarely I’m into rap and hip hop. I’m not listening very much Estonian rap and hip hop. The reason why I don’t like this musical style is that of gender discrimination, as well as the use of uncensored expressions in the lyrics of the song. I don’t like the fact that in most cases the words are sparse and hip-hop is racing and incitement to violence. Often, there is also a clear message and sensitivity in these stories. At least for me.

  • TV shows: TV shows: I like national TV shows, such as those based on real storytelling. Although I’m not a big TV viewer, I occasionally still peek on the Internet when some of the national TV shows have come out. If I do not succeed on the ground, I will also watch live events on the TV, such as the Estonian Republic anniversary parade, the President’s reception, celebrations of the song and dance festivals, ‘Eesti Laul’ concerts, and so on. Watching shows of Eurovision Song Contest is also interesting to me. However, I usually go to see and listen to it on the spot. Humorous TV shows are ‘Mr. Bean’ which is my favorite, but, for example, like Benny Hill, who is also known as an actress who did a humorous act, I don’t like. He is, in my opinion, the pervert, who hugged women’s bottoms everywhere.

  • Movies: I like almost all the film genres. Rather, I do not like fantasy and science fiction, although the Jurassic Park was even quite entertaining and watchable. I watched ‘Antman Mr. Fox ‘ in a long time ago. During this film, I fell asleep in the cinema. This experience confirmed that yes, this kind of films don’t suit me, I do not enjoy them. I like fantasy movies like Harry Potter. Whether it’s paradoxical or not, this is one of my favorite films, while at the same time, the very famous Lord of the Rings leaves me cold, but is similar to Harry Potter. My favorites are horror films. Especially like horror films made by documentaries. For example, my most favorite of them and an excellent example of my movie flavor are both ‘The Conjuring’. Some drama is also my favorites. I like gay scenes – HA, HA, HAAA! Speaking of drama, for example, ‘Titanic’ is entirely fun. Very well done, and again – it’s a great storyline based on the documentary. I love the comedy like ‘The Bad Teacher’. I am a follower of this kind of humor. Do not like the very rosaries and bugs of the comedies, especially those that are very perverse. Because I am a person of a more serious nature, I find it very difficult to squeeze out this sense of humor. But some comedies make a mess. To sum up, the comedies are not one of my favorite movie genres, nor as adventure films.

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