What are my talents?

My talent is creativity. I can think creatively, see the beauty of the design, and create beauty myself. Throughout the ages, already from elementary school, even before I went to the first class, I had a great talent for art and singing. My artworks were ranked one of the best in school; I also knew and still know how to handle tune. My voice is a tenor. I can sing the high notes. My grandparents have taught me reading and literacy. Thanks to their ruggedness, because of that I became the best reader and literate in the elementary classes. My handwriting has always been considered beautiful and readable. The texts were written fast also are legible.

As a creative person, I like web design. I can design web pages, as well as create own designs and work out a suitable style. In addition to website design, I can also create posters and flyers and process photos. I have acquired this skill through self-study.

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