Applying for reading permission

Reading some of my blog posts requires a valid reading permission that can be easily and quickly requested by anyone who wants to. On this page, I will introduce you to a practical process for applying for reading permission.

The Friend Family Club has been offering the opportunity to apply for reading permission for many years, along with many other options that are available to all members of the club. It is a network for all interested persons, including acquaintances, partners, as well as different institutions.

How to apply for a reading permission

To apply for reading permission, create an account first on My Friends Network. Once you have your account built, you can enter your account and navigate to the area where you can apply for reading permission, under the page My Reading Permission. Click on the link that you will find in the menu on the left. Please make sure you submit the request to the correct category by following the instructions below:
One thing you should consider! Any process that involves getting read permission is currently in entirely Estonian, as well as all my blog posts. If your communication language is other than Estonian, then you have no point to apply to reading permission.
  • If you belong to my friends and acquaintances, please select a Friends group. Only my friends and acquaintances with whom I have been in contact in person before, and who know me personally can apply for this category.
  • You should submit a request to a category that is intended for everyone else if you are an organization or institution and not an individual. As a general rule, people who have not been in contact with me in private life and who are interested in getting reading permission should include in this category.

Usually, the application is reviewed within a week, but it may take longer to elapse, depending on the situation. The application will be reviewed no later than one month after the submission of the application. If your application has not reviewed through this time, you should certainly contact the club support team at [email protected] Requests that have not reviewed will expire.

You will be notified if your application status has changed. You can also monitor your application status from your desktop at any time.

My Code of Conduct is applicable to and binding upon, all individuals submitting an application for reading permission and/or all individuals accredited to the reading permission and/or are given an reading permission (including any holders of RP).

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