Rules for applying for reading permission

Please pay attention! The following conditions are not fully interpreted in Estonian terms, and the language terms and conditions in the form of the Estonian language remain in the highest priority. The English translation of the rules is informative in the interests of the readers and is not intended to use unless for the subject of the dispute or the observance of the terms.

The following provisions apply to, and binding upon, all individuals applying for accreditation to the Reading permission and/or all individuals accredited to the Reading permission and/or given reading authorization (including any holders of RP).

By submitting an application and/or carrying Reading permission, You, irrespective of the category under which You accredited, as a result of this irrevocably

  • accept that the provisions of the present Code of Conduct shall apply to You and
  • agree to abide by and be bound by the current Code of Conduct.

Holding the reading permission

You hereby acknowledge and accept that

  • The rights you receive from reading permission are solely for you;
  • The rights acquired by the right of readmission are not subject to transfer to third parties, nor are they sold or exchanged against any transaction or part thereof;
  • The use of the right to read is solely under your control and is only allowed to you;
  • At the end of your reading permission, you are required to keep secret the information you have entrusted with during the reading period.

Getting reading permission

You hereby acknowledge and accept that

  • Persons who process the application have the right to decide whether or not they will give you the permission;
  • Persons processing an application for the reading permission are entitled to reject an application for any purpose or purpose; Persons handling a request for reading permission are not required to share reasons or explanations regarding the circumstances of the application rejection;
  • Upon receipt of the reading permission, the persons managing the reading permission may discontinue or suspend the rights to read, in their sole discretion and, if necessary, without giving any explanations or reasons for that;
  • In the event of termination or suspension of the reading permission, access to the protected area will immediately discontinue, and the user will not be able to continue to use their rights until it has restored. Any notice being given on the termination or suspension of the reading unless it is related to the expiry of the right to read is an automatic process.

Behavior during reading permission

Have agreed irrevocably that

  • Whenever you leave the reading permission area, you have to sign out of your reading account;
  • The right to read cannot be abused, because, in addition to blocking the account, this can also lead to a deterioration in our relationship, even if the right to read has fallen into the hands of others as a result of severe involuntary neglect (such as forgetting to log out and someone else using your account);
  • When commenting on any post or posts, good practices should be followed and polite; It is forbidden to rumor, rummage, insulting, naming, swearing and disseminating texts and advertisements promoting racism, violence, or drugs, as well as forbidding the transmission of spellings and spells;
  • The distribution, storage, and copying of texts and photographic materials obtained by reading rights is prohibited unless it is taken from public sources and copyrighted by other persons;
  • To referee and comment on all texts outside the site, there must be an explicit reference to the source, that is, if the idea or the text comes from the writings and materials I have written, be sure to refer to me by mentioning my name, or my site or blog;
  • It is forbidden to quote excessively sensitive information on other websites, including comments and posts about related web pages (for example, it’s not allowed to forward texts to my friends’ network memories);
  • In the case of the rejection of my thoughts and the transfer of my thoughts, they must be communicated in a way that does not offend persons related to me or in addition to the individuals and organizations/institutions outlined in the article.

Personal information

You hereby consent to and accept that

  • Your Personal Information be collected and used as set forth in the Privacy Policy mentioned under the Friend Family Club website (;
  • I may periodically change, modify, add or remove or otherwise update the Privacy Policy at its discretion, without prior notification. However, I will always handle your Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy that was in effect at the time of collection.


You hereby accept and agree that

  • You are responsible for any damage resulting from any violation of the right to read and, in case of a breach, you are required to compensate for any damage caused following the law of the Republic of Estonia;
  • Any decisions taken concerning reading rights are final and not subject to compliance.