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If you would like to report a technical issue using this website, or find information that you believe is inaccurate, please send your email to reinaldudras[at] Please provide information about your browser and operating system, and include screenshots if possible. Thank you.

Cooperative inquiries may be sent to koostoo[ät], Friends of Family community inquiries may be sent to familyclub[at] and all other inquiries may be sent to reinaldudras[at]

Latest system status updates

RSS Infrastructure status page

  • Scheduled Maintenance 6. Apr 2020
    April 6, 2020 00:54 EESTScheduled - On the early hours of Monday, we will be using of our regularly scheduled maintenance window to update our software platform. The upcoming update includes important stability and security fixes.During the maintenance window the impacted services will be inaccessible for a short period of time.April 6, 2020 01:00 EESTActive […]

Release notes


Released on 15 May 2018

  • Filter links added to the front page updates
  • Minor change to design pattern

v10 (beta)

Released on 6 July 2017 v10 is a completely new website, built in Themify Ultra (front-end) and WordPress (back-end).

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